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Dalai Lama Quotes

Quotes from HH Dalai Lama's book:

"How to See Yourself As You Really Are"

"Science and technology cannot replace the age-old spiritual values that have been largely responsible for the true progress of world-civilization as we know it today. No one can deny the material benefits of modern life, but we are still faced with suffering, fear, and tension-perhaps more now than ever before. So it is only sensible to try to strike a balance between the material development on the one side and development of spiritual values on the other. In order to bring about a great change, we need to revive and strengthen our inner values."
p. 2

"We must always maintain the supremacy of compassion over ideology."
~ p. 4

" A universal approach to world problems is the only sound basis for world peace. We are so closely interconnected that without a sense of universal responsibility, an understanding that we really are part of one big human family, we cannot hope to overcome the dangers to our very existence, let alone bring about peace and happiness."     ~ p. 7

"Violence does not accord with our basic human nature, which may lead you to wonder why all sorts of violence becomes news but compassionate acts seldom do. The reason is that violence is shocking and no in conformity with our basic human nature, whereas we take compassionate acts for granted because they are closer to our nature."    ~ p. 12

"All religions agree on the necessity to manage the undisciplined mind, which harbors selfishness and other sources of trouble, and to point the way to a spiritual state that is peaceful, disciplined, ethical and wise. In this sense I believe all religions have essentially the same message."  ~ p. 14

" Politics devoid of ethics does not further human welfare, and life without morality reduces humans to the level of beasts. "     ~ p. 21

"Ignorance keeps us from seeing the truth, the fact that people and other phenomena are subject to the laws of cause and effect but do not have essential being that is independent in and of themselves."               ~ p. 36

"When you see that all troublesome emotions-and indeed all problems-arise from a basic misunderstanding you will want to get rid of such ignorance. The means to accomplish this is to reflect on reasoning that reveals the superimposition of a belief in inherent existence to be totally unfounded, and then to concentrate on the emptiness of inherent existence through meditation."    
  ~ p. 41

"Dependent-arising refers to the fact that all impermanent phenomena-whether physical, mental or otherwise-come into existence dependent upon certain causes and conditions. Whatever arises dependent upon certain causes and conditions is not operating exclusively under its own power."    ~ p. 51

" If "I" and the mind-body complex are exactly the same, it would be impossible to think of "my body" or "my head" or "my mind" or surmise that "my body is getting stronger." Also, if the self and mind-body are one, then when the mind and body no longer exist, the self also would not exist. A second problem is that, since mind and body are plural, one person's selves also would have to be manifold."    ~ p. 141

" Mental and physical things are called "compound phenomena" because they are produced, abide and disintegrate moment by moment. These characteristics reveal that mental and physical factors exist due to specific causes and conditions, and are therefore impermanent."   ~ . 145

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