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Friday, April 26, 2013

Afternoon Reflections: A Poem

While I waited on our front step this afternoon for my son to come home from school I felt like I needed to get some thoughts and reflections out and onto paper. Feeling the breeze mingled with the warm rays of sun playfully pass through my hair, I began to scribble this short poem. I wrote it in a matter of a few minutes and really haven't edited it yet. Like most of my poems, though,  I feel if I don't share it now it probably will be one, among many, that ends up  tucked away in the confines of some obscure book or folder whose words will most likely never be read again. So, instead, I will share it here in hopes that some of you might enjoy it and perhaps even relate to some parts of it.


They are a funny thing, you know
The mind and the heart and the supposed soul.
They all seek a prominent role in our existence;
Continually clamoring for attention with great persistence.
It seems the one I choose to allow on stage
Is the one who directs my course,
While the others revolt in rage.
Is a peaceful co-existence possible at all?
Or will it always be that when one rises
The others will fall?
The only time they cease their droning,

their lamenting for satisfaction,
Their perpetual moaning,
Is when I allow my senses to take in all that is;
When my consciousness stands erect
On this moment's narrow precipice.
Then I am simply what I am, right there and right then
And all that is, just simply is that,
And my steady breath is a steady friend.
Ahh peace, take it where you can have it,
For if you don't, the world will try to grab it.
And truth, is as elusive and shifting as Wind's lilting song
Perhaps we've always had it in us all along.
Is it that we continue to surrender unknowingly
That very thing we seek so unceasingly?

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them in the comments section. Thank you!


  1. those words took me to see my own self, where i do stand, where many roads are crossing, each leading to my wishes . the best thing is that you shared it not like me who kept all his words in secret till i die for my own children to read but have seen them, they have their own life and doing same thing i did at their age. lot of things will die with us saved on our memory hard drive, they way we have seen world and could express it. thanks and love the line (Perhaps we have always had it in us all along) you are bright mind.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your thoughts Sarfraz! They are very much appreciated! I agree, there is so much that we tend to write and not share, that goes perhaps forever unshared. It's nice to have an outlet to display some of the poems and reflections I have, in order to get feedback and just simply to share it with others. Perhaps you might want to consider blogging? :)

  3. A very thought provoking poem Jessica. I'm glad you penned it and shared it. I think each of us finds the peace in different ways. For myself, I found peace as soon as I threw away the oars and stopped paddling against the current. There was a time when I believed we created our own destiny - life has shown me over and over again that destiny is pre-destined and when we push against it to change it's course, we create disharmony in our lives. I hope you find the answers you seek and that the way to your peace opens up for you. Blessings dear friend.

  4. The heart, the mind, the soul . . . a trinity which works well within us when and if we can keep the balance. Jessica, your poem so beautifully captures the tensions we often feel when trying to do just that. So glad you chose to share, my friend!
    Blessings and love!

  5. Very evocative Jessica. I've never been good at sitting still for anything, not even peace. Every once in a while though, something stills me and I have peace. Rarely last for long, it's too ephemeral I suppose, but those moments of stillness speak the loudest to me.

  6. Although i was not fully aware of it I liked it from the start. LOl. Maybe it's the carefree prose that makes me salivate like a junky that has not had it's fix. Even as i find a vein and begin injecting myself i can't shoot it fast enough. Maybe it's the poetry free lifestyle that has turned me into this fiend. At first I am overwhelmed by the contrast i reluctantly("My precious") defend. However, I can't help but answer the call from your piece. Lines like /*THEIR PERPETUAL MOUNING*/giving a zombie like departure from the norm of the piece but i don't have a clear understanding for this line /*IS WHEN I ALLOW MY SENSES TO TAKE IN ALL THAT IS*/ and the proceeding six lines unless they are a set up for following the 7th line /*AHH PEACE, TAKE WHERE YOU CAN HAVE IT*/. You have definitely inspired me so i could go on but hopefully my comments will shed some light.Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Such a beautiful testament to the importance of stillness and the present moment. Loved it, Jessica.

  8. I love this! I always debate which part of me to follow. The heart, mind, and soul don't always agree... :-)

  9. This unknowing twist in the end is delightful... I love the openness and trust that I felt in your poetry ~ it's free flowing. Lots of love!

  10. A poem showing the brain's ability to precisely express itself with words. This phrase "And truth, is as elusive and shifting as Wind's lilting song
    Perhaps we've always had it in us all along" really catches the attention.