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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blessed Discomforts

Never more have I felt Him so
Than when discomfort mingles with near perfection.
When chill rain falls and blustery winds blow
It’s in those moments He makes wise selection.

For in those times both rare and wild,
When the present breaks upon me in a flood,
It’s then I notice things I’d lose in events more mild,
Reminding me of His merciful grace both pure and good.

I had one of those moments again...temporary freedom where my kids joyfully left smiling and waving as they went off to go to their grandparents house for dinner. Three hours, whatever shall I do? I love to take walks but as I just came in a short while ago I didn't feel too inspired. A drizzly rain fell, winds were blowing and it was getting late in the afternoon. A heap of dishes lay waiting in my sink, blog articles that I've been wanting to get to were beckoning in the corners of my subconscious. Well, despite all that, I decided that I didn't know when next I'd have the opportunity and I've found my walks of solitude a precious gift. So, I headed out the door.

With every step I took I felt as if God were drawing me deeper and deeper into His presence. I felt God all around me. Sustaining the life that lives and breathes. Rain was gently falling, a chill wind blew,  causing me to lift the hood of my coat up over my winter's hat. As I walked I just enjoyed each moment as it came, allowing my senses to take in the experience. My feet landing on concrete, the feel of my legs in mid-stride,  the warm touch of my coat's interior on my skin, each droplet of icy rain. I could hear the swooshing of cars passing by, the splatter of puddles as my feet landed upon them, displacing water. The clank and flutter of the flags outside the businesses that line our historic downtown district, the warm glow of their lights beckoning me inside to enjoy some relief from the elements. I felt my lungs expanding as each breath filled them with precious, life-giving air, and was reminded of the amazing gift of life that God gives each of us and how easily it can be taken away. And how it's just amazing to be alive.

I reflected with slight amusement how I was actually enjoying each droplet of icy rain, which during my walk turned into snow. I decided to take my hood down, I was still wearing a hat but the wind's sting now caressed my exposed neck as well as already exposed face. I thought about meditating. How there is a rhyme and a reason to the lotus position. How during meditation one is supposed to be alert, not zoning out on life, but taking it all in and how a bit of discomfort allows one to do so without nodding off or getting distracted. How a little discomfort allows the wayward mind to stay in the present moment and thus recognize and absorb all the precious gifts of the present.  The blessings of God and God Himself, inherently and blatantly present throughout all of Creation for those who slow down enough and open their senses to take notice.

When I finally returned home I was filled with an amazing peace. I peeled off my wet clothes and felt the warmth of air in our house envelope my bare skin. What a joy it is just to be living! In these moments I feel incredibly alive.  With each heart beat, each inhale and exhale, my soul lifts itself towards God in praise, opening it up before Him to receive His light and truth during those times of profound clarity. Those  moments that oftentimes are awakened by experiences of blessed discomfort.

Almost immediately I was compelled to write down what I had experienced, and I did, in the poem that began this post. I hope you enjoyed it. And when next you find yourself outside and perhaps bothered by the elements that invade your comfort, perhaps you can consider them as blessings, as opportunities to draw you into the present and be blessed by the reality of abundant miracles that surround you.

Do you have an experience where God awakened you to His reality and presence and the miracle and gift of life during the present moment? Please share!


  1. HI Jessica what a great little poem. And what a great article. I so love being out on a walk by myself unfortunately or fortunately I usually have Maximus by my side and the feeling of just observing what surrounds us no matter how small is awesome!

    Oh to have a bit of cold here though....

    Peace to you my friend

  2. I just returned from Goa. The beautiful beaches, the lush green fields, the splendid sunsets..all reminded me of just how great our God is.
    Sitting there on the beach watching the sunset and looking at the vast sea in front of me, I was in awe of his creation and in awe of the creator himself. I felt his presence everywhere and it once again reminded me of how real he is.

  3. What a fantastic post, Jessica. You have such a wonderful soul - so deep and loving. Thanks for shining your light for us.....

  4. Many times I have to say a quick "Time out" wherever I am. Continuously pulling off one's energies in interaction could wear me out. I'm glad you have a beautiful place where you could really contemplate nature and wonderful sceneries... I am always amazed at how you'd feel God through it just like St. Francis of Assisi :)...

    Well for some days now, we've been going out of the office earlier than usual and I get to spend more time with my nieces. It's very relaxing to be with the children (although not at all times). God awakened me to the fact of expending my energies on them instead of just going straight to my room because I was too tired. It also gives more time for my mom to relax. There's more life there in sharing...more space to be with the other. I thank God for these times we could relax and not be so busy on work :)

  5. A boost to my self esteem...which happens when I am here,Jessica.To tell u very honestly,I don't feel God's presence around at home,but if I am alone,close to nature...its always there with me..

  6. An inspiring vivid post!! It makes me want to shut down everything in my life, clear the clutter from the brain and connect with God in nature. I enjoy being outside as often that's where I feel closest to God, all I must do is look at the beauty around me. Haven't been outside much in recent months but looking forward to cooler weather as that's my fave time to be out with the birds, squirrels and lovely foliage. Enjoyed the poem, it fit nicely with the post!! Blessing :)

  7. Nature is my answer.. Love the poem. Beautiful ove filed post.

  8. Ahh... that wonderful moment... that tingling sensation... that thrill that runs down my spine... I have experienced it .. I have no name for it.... except that it is an energy i feel at various moments of my life.

  9. What a beautiful poem which captures a big idea in just a few words. I'm glad you were able to find some bliss in a not so blissful setting. God is everywhere we have to just let him in. When we do, he will allow us to see beauty in the most mundane. Thanks for these words of wisdom today Jessica!


  10. Hi, Jessica! --

    Beautiful post. You have, I believe, a truly understated gift for storytelling and prose. This is such a lovely description of a winter walk I found myself actually looking forward to the cold to come.

    Thank you for sharing!

  11. It was lovely to share in your bliss and joy, Jessica. I, too, love these moments of feeling the oneness with everything around me. It's true that some discomfort or contrast can make the beautiful moments more profound...most of my blissful moments now come when I'm focused on good-feeling thoughts, and I love knowing that I can deliberately move myself into that space.

    Your poem is very beautiful, as is this post. I wish you many more sacred moments, Jessica. ☆҉↘‿↗⁀☆҉

  12. First, the poem… some great lines here, filled with awe inspiring beauty and truth. The line…
    “Never more have I felt Him so
    Than when discomfort mingles with near perfection”
    is weighty and gives the reader pause to reflect. Then you talk about how the lotus position affects you.
    I’ve never thought about it this way because I don’t meditate in lotus position. And maybe that’s why I sometimes feel like drifting off… maybe I’m too comfortable in my lounge stance :) I don’t always fall asleep of course, though I do on occasion feel drowsy.
    But not first thing in the morning. That’s when I seek Him whole heart and awaken to his presence then and there. Whatever works, right?

  13. Contemplative, thoughtful and inspiring. Beautiful words have to come from a beautiful heart. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Very poignant post and full of life and powerful illustrations! I like the descriptive language, Jessica! You're a great writer and the poem was beautiful of course! God bless ya and thanks for sharing!! :-)

  15. have made those walks and stood on the shadowed path, watched a snow flake float to the ground, and knew i was not alone, for i had ask him to walk with me. nothing more but be with me this moment and he is there and here. love your poem and the walks and know the feeling well. god blessed