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Friday, February 11, 2011

This Moment: A Friday Tradition

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A photo – no words – capturing a moment in time. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment you want to pause, savour and remember.

“This Moment” is a ritual found on Life inspired by the Wee Man adopted from SouleMama which was introduced to me by Sarah-Jane.

This is my moment!


  1. Is that a spider? OMG I wish you had warned me, your children are very brave. Much braver than I, I have to run now ....


  2. Haha It's a tiny crab...forgot which kind though. It's one of their favorite things to do when we go to the Cape every summer! To catch them, put them in buckets and then let them go! Yeah, I don't touch them myself...they know that! I've let some pretty big ones by me go because I wouldn't grab it and they've gotten away...that's my husband's job!

  3. small hands find everything I'm afraid of.. Love 'em
    always Jessica even when they unnerve you...

    Peace baby hehe

    Last post-moment

  4. Crabs...I can sit and watch them for hours, but your not going to see a live one in my hands, even if you pay me! :)

  5. haha true AJ, if they aren't off finding crabs that pinch they are off pulling slimy worms from the ground to share for all to see!
    ~peace and light

  6. Corinne, exactly! Some things are better experienced from a distance and not always hands on! lol ~blessings

  7. Children have no past of fear and so they are so open to every single thing unlike adults like us who have strong demarcations of good, bad, ugly, slimy, etc.

    Love this moment.

    Joy always,

  8. I find it incredible that children don't have fear! I would be running and screaming like crazy! I am so scared of crabs..I run a mile when I see one!

    Lovely moment and thank you for sharing.

    My moment: http://www.nelietatravellingadventures.blogspot.com

  9. Susan...so true...I love how children don't have a lot of the associations to things that we have, through experience..that makes them more open to exploring boldly. How life tames us!

    Nelieta...me too! My kids get so mad at me when there's one near me and they ask me to pick it up and I just can't...I just can't! They don't get it! lol

    Loved your moment!

    ~blessings to you both

  10. awwwwwwww look little hands holding little life...I love it...As always...XOXOXO

    My moment:


  11. living through the eyes of a child.. I love it!
    fear no predator.. hehehehe

    here's my moment... http://wp.me/pTnXt-4K

  12. Children are so inquisitive. How brave your little ones are. Love the John Deere Caps.

    My Moment
    Finding One's Way Moment

  13. haha thanks...was wondering if anyone was going to mention those! My father has a John Deere tractor, so of course had to get the kids hats! ;)

    Loved your moment btw...reminded me of a scene from a sci fi movie!

  14. That is just so nice to get kids that age investigating nature, and encouraging in them the respect for life to ensure they put them back after. My wife is in early chilcare, and she takes them out to their garden to monitor the swan plants with all the caterpillars on it, then they monitor themutation and birth of a new butterfly. The kids now all love nature. When she started there, the kids would squish any bug or spider- now they capture them in a cup and take them out into the garden and release them. Even slugs and snails are observed, never squashed now, because the mallard duck pair will now come in each day for a feed.
    Kay taught them all to observe and appreciate. Rather than squash and fear.

  15. Jim, thank you so much for your comment! I think what your wife doing is a blessing for those children. So many children I see do the same thing, squish tiny creatures and bugs, and oftentimes parents think little of it, even join in the act! I think it's important to foster and appreciation of and compassion for all life, no matter how seemingliny insignificant, for all life has a purpose, and that purpose doesn't include torture! There's a post I wrote about this very topic if ever you have time for a quick read: http://ascendingthehills.blogspot.com/2010/10/compassion-for-seemingly-insignificant.html

    ~many blessings

  16. Teamwork! Gotta love it. It made me think of a photo of my daughter with a HUGE big snake wrapped all around her from her neck to her knees! Still makes me shutter when I think of it. She had gone on a field trip with the church and was only 4 or 5 yrs. old. When she came home, she brought that picture with her and it about freaked me out! I had it hanging on our refrigerator forever, but now that we have moved, I don't know what box it's in:)

  17. My 25 year will still run in the opposite direction of a tiny spider!

  18. Mary...wow...she was so young too! I would have nearly had a heart attack! Thank goodness they do some of those things without us...lol saves some stress, at least initially ;) She was brave...my daughter would have never let that fly on a field trip! Maybe my son. It's amazing how all kids are different, displaying different limits.

    Yoga...lol sounds like me sometimes! It's funny how a tiny creature, oftentimes harmful, a fraction of our size can cause us to freak out!

  19. Just been to a beach resort in Indonesia and I found these tiny little crabs crawling on a sandy shore one fine morning, low tide that was and there were many of them! It frightened me off so badly I decided not to ever go into the beach water...:) Those two kids are way too brave to even had it in their hands.:)Cool! Thanks for sharing!