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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Between Heartbeats: A Poem

                                            This picture was taken in the woods where I frequently hike.

This rainy morning, as my son builds and designs imaginary worlds with blocks, I've been cleaning up the house while contemplating God. Who is He? What is He?...I've been thinking a lot about the Divine who I encounter, who has touched so many with His love and peace and light. 

I decided to play around with some of my thoughts a bit in the form of a poem. I'd love your thoughts towards some of my ideas. Please pardon the form and the content...it is totally unedited. I just thought it would be interesting to get some people's ideas regarding some of mine...

As I mentioned this poem isn't really finished in its full, edited, form yet. I'm not even sure about its title ( I think it might come across as a bit sappy sounding, what do you think?), though that might not matter, because I'm really not planning on doing anything much more with it other than hopefully sparking some interesting conversations.  I named it "Between Heartbeats" to convey the idea that God can be experienced in the present moment. That to be mindfully aware of all that is around us in the present, is to help cultivate our internal awareness of God and to spiritually encounter Him.I do hope you enjoy it :)

Between Heartbeats

Resting, poised, charged with expectancy
For a glimmer of consciousness to enter in
Released from ego's subtle sin;
Ever waiting for the opportunity to set one free.

You are nothing other than Now
Buried beneath time's eternal brow
The Eye that is ever watching, ever seeing
The Knower of all things being.

Illusions and delusions you continually plow
A fruit, to be picked, by the Tree of Life's outstretched bough,
Succulent, the only thing that satiates a soul's appetite,
You are the rising sun in man's heart, burning bright.

From all things, you are made manifest
And all things being birthed from you are blessed
Before thought, before time you were
And forever more you will remain, ever pure.

Between heartbeats Your energy dances
In those moments lies our soul's chances
To plunge into the most blissful reality
A momentary union with He who is Eternity.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them! Please leave them in the Comments section. Thank you!


  1. don't change a thing it is perfect god bless you. may i copy it? please god bless <3

  2. Feel free to Roy :) Glad you enjoyed it! ~God Bless

  3. Agree with Roy. It is perfect Jessica.


  4. No editing necessary! It was pure, meaningful and poetic. A true gift to the giver of all gifts!


  5. I loved it...especially the last verse. That speaks to me of the mystical union with our Abba Father. It defies logic and reason, yet is the most precious gift of love, peace and joy, amidst the trials of life.

    Thank you for sharing Jessica

  6. I agree with Ron...please don`t change anything! I especially like the part about: "You are the rising sun in man's heart, burning bright." Beautiful!!!!

  7. Hello.
    Seems we are all in unison. I don't think you should change anything either. It's written beautifully & truly encompasses Jehovah God as being ubiquitous.

    Poetry is not meant to be analysed, but should evoke emotions in the heart. You have done that with this one!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Cry Not For Me

  8. Jessica, this is beautiful! Such imagery! And, I love the title - it is perfect for this.

    The only thing I would suggest is looking at the first verse - it doesn't follow the same rhyme scheme as the ones coming after it.


  9. I don't believe I would change a thing Jessica. It's perfect just the way it is :)

  10. I see a budding poet emerging....

  11. Jess, there can be no better title than "between heartbeats." The whole thought of something that exists between heartbeats is so splendid. You know, when the heart is full, verses flow and those verses are the best. As everyone had mentioned, don't change a thing.

    Joy always,

  12. you are a brave and creative woman, jessica! i admire your for putting your ideas out into the world in such a thoughtful yet unpretentious manner. love it!

    especially love the idea of God 'between heartbeats' referring to this present moment. i wouldn't have 'got' that if you hadn't explained, so i appreciate the narrative that went with the poem. xoxo

    ps those woods look like a perfect place for fairies to hide ...

  13. This is an oratio Jessica... and when you totally pour out your heart more than your mind, you express yourself well :D

    Oh, I admire you for your soul's sensitivity. When you hear God's hearbeat...that'll be the best prayer...

  14. It's a beautiful poem, Jessica. Some unexpected rhymes (blessed, manifest), a good thing. It seems to flow from a state of grace. Lovely!

  15. I like the way you express reality through emotions inspired through nature.

  16. I like the rhyming in this lovely poem.

  17. Jessica, you need to submit this to "Time of Singing Magazine." Just Google them. I'm sure Lori Zill, the editor, will want to use it. It is right down the line of the mags. writings. I think your poem is great just the way it is. I wouldn't change a thing.