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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Alone: A Poem


I wish this world would leave me alone for awhile,
We've danced our dance and she offers little worthwhile.
Just a sea of ever swelling absurdity,
Phony characters wearing garbs of superficiality.
Give me the shelter of an old oak tree,
Skirting the curves of a gentle river.
It is there my heart will fly free,

Releasing an ecstatic shiver.
Peace to be found in observing life at play,
The moon to keep me company at night,
The song of birds to fill my empty heart by day.


I wrote this short poem this morning. A gentle rain was falling outside and I longed to transport myself to my favorite perching place alongside a river that has captured my heart, oftentimes mending it when it feels shattered. Longing also to drift down the trails that etch themselves criss-cross through a mantle of evergreen that broadly adorns her curvacious figure.

When I am out amongst this living sanctuary, a kaleidoscope  of earthy tones, I feel completely free to be myself, unhindered by the shallow and superficial expectations of man. Unencumbered by the superficiality that seems to define this material world. To simply be and bear witness to a living, breathing web of life unfolding before my senses.

Well, an exodus to her waters today is simply not doable.  Who knows the next time my heart will find itself soaring with the hawks that circle above her or riding her many currents that boldly race southward to sweep up more admirers in their voyage towards deeper waters.

No matter where I find myself I have her form etched in my consciousness and need only to look inward to be reminded of the peace such solitude and beauty affords. Peace that my heart aches for during times of uncertainty, restlessness and/or grief.

Do you have a place where you long to go that restores and refreshes your spirit? A place that above all others your heart feels most at home? If so, please feel free to share in the comments section.

Thank you!


  1. Yes, there is something genuine, and therefore, dependable about nature. I echo your sentiments here, dear Jessica. The lap of nature never disappoints, always soothes, and reconnects us with our peaceful core when we feel most alone.

    It is there, in our core, that we find that we are made of the same peaceful substance nature's beauty reflects, as you seem to hint at here: "No matter where I find myself I have her form etched in my consciousness and need only to look inward to be reminded of the peace such solitude and beauty affords."

    May your achy heart find peace there in the gentle rivers, the old oaks, and the bird songs within you when you can't take shelter of them on the outside. Sending a hug! And thank you for sharing your heart.

    1. Thank you so much Krishna Kantai dasi,

      I know you can understand the peace and connection I find in nature. :)

      "It is there, in our core, that we find that we are made of the same peaceful substance nature's beauty reflects."

      Yes...I agree! :)

      Thank you again for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.It is one day after I wrote that poem and I really feel fortunate because external variables lined up spontaneously where this morning, shortly after I respond to the comments left on this post, I'm going to be able to go for a japa hike and return to my favorite trail and spot beside the river again. :)

      Hare Krsna! :)

  2. Great poem! Loved it! There is a place near to where I live called Llangollen (in Wales). The photo that accompanies your poem reminded me of it and the words in your poem took me there.

    1. Thank you for stopping by John! I'm glad you enjoyed the poem. :) I visited your blog after reading your comment and know you can relate...Which is always refreshing. Looking forward to getting more acquainted with your poetry. Your latest poem was fun..I'm going to share it with my kids!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I'm not overly fond of the first four lines, but the rest of the poem makes up for that. I really loved it, it caries a deep message within its heart. One that I can connect with. Give me the shelter of an old oak tree anyday!

    I too have a special little grove where I like to go to collect creativity and bathe in nature's manna. It is every bit as beautiful as the one you have described. A little creek lined with sycamores and maples. I know this place well. Every toadstool, every bird, every rock and shrub, it is a home for me. I'm glad I have that home, and I'm glad that you have one too.

    I will keeping an eye on this blog to see more of your work! Perhaps you could pay me a visit as well in my little grove: Bramblebriar: http://bramblebriardiary.blogspot.com/
    Never stop writing!

    1. Thank you Piper for stopping by...I'm loving that this post is bringing out my fellow nature lovers!

      I read the poem over again with and without the first four lines and I have to admit that it could probably stand alone just fine without the first four lines and perhaps that would change the tone of it as well. Something to consider. Thanks!

      I really enjoyed your blog!

    2. Nature is just so full of insight and beauty. Nature lovers unite!

      Don't get me wrong, I love the poem as a whole, it is very nice. A great message and wonderful imagery. But I get mixed feelings when I compare the beginning lines with the rest of the poem. The beginning feels modern and negative, while the rest feels more Transcendental and inspired. With or without the first four lines, the poem works. It is nice piece. Follow your judgement and your heart and you'll be just fine!

      My favorite lines are the last two for sure! Lines five and six are also really great. I love the shelter of an old oak tree, it captures the symbolism of the oak as a protector and embodies the healing quality of nature. Great!

  4. What a beautiful poem, Jessica, and a perfect description of how and where you feel at peace. My favorite place to go is the mountains. It is so quiet there that silence seems a sound unto itself. I feel God's presence so deeply, richly, and pervasively. When I need to feel that peace again, I will look at photos we've taken from our many trips there; it makes my heart and soul glad!
    Love and blessings!

    1. Thank you Martha..I always love when you come by!

      "It is so quiet there that silence seems a sound unto itself. "

      I think it can be. :)

      Looking at photos is a great idea in bringing the peace to mind that is experienced in such places..

      ~Much love

  5. An incredibly terrific composition of feelings residing in an echoed heart but a +1 to the description underneath :)
    what nature is truly matters how you give a glimpse to it