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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

YouTube Tuesday

Each week a growing group of bloggers are seeing how creative they can get in selecting thought provoking, and sometimes just fun, YouTube videos that have stood out to them. Each month the creator of the project, Josh, will be selecting a winner and presenting them with the "You Tube Tuesday Award".

Do you have a video that you found hilarious, thought provoking or inspiring? Come, join the project and be sure to leave your link on Josh's site: http://networkedblogs.com/l9C9c  And of course in the comments section here too!



  1. I could not view the video.... Will come back to it.


  2. That was a really good video Jessica! I could relate to some of what she went through in school. So sad that children treat each other like that :(


  3. A very good video and I like how she presented it. You may want to add a 'trigger' warning though. Some of what she shares is sensitive.


  4. Oh Jessica, this made my cry! Maybe this touched me deeper than what I thought it would. Great video!

    Mine: http://nelietatravellingadventures.blogspot.com/2011/08/youtube-tuesday.html

  5. This is something I truly believe, just as was stated in this powerful video: hope is real, and we are all loved...there is always a way. An inspiring message, Jessica...thank you ❤

    Here is my link: http://bit.ly/pdhBAO

  6. Such a powerful message, Jess...And so very real - we never know another is going through do we? What a brave girl to find a way out.......

  7. Lighthouse..my favorite .....As always....XOXOXOXOXO


  8. I have tears in my eyes,loved it Jessica...

  9. Until one learns to understand the others journey or path never judge,nor assume... Had a heavy heart after watching this...

  10. *sigh* wiping away the tears...

    Thanks for sharing

  11. Hope and love conquer all. My heart is both aching and full. My spirit is renewed within me. May God work in all of us as He did in this sweet girl!

  12. forgot my youtube tuesday



  13. Oh wow...that was intense!!! It doesn't happen often but on occasion I come across something that touches me profoundly; I had to get up and walk away from my computer for awhile...such a remarkable girl.

    I relate to this on many different levels -- thank you so much for sharing!

  14. That gave me the shivers midmorning Jessica... maybe because everything seemed helpless for her but it didn't end that way.

    hmmm...is this a continuation of your other recent post?

    I do believe love is real :) and hope as well...

    I still have many things I'd like to share but this will suffice at the moment :* Thanks for sharing this video...