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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Poetry Challenge: Day 12

I am extraordinarily behind in the poetry challenge. The last few days have swept me up in a steady current of obligations leaving me weary and uninspired to write at day's end. I just took a jog this morning though and thoughts came flooding upon me while I spent time in the middle of the woods on a beautiful morning here in Connecticut.

I wrote down what came to me in the form of a crude and rather unfinished poem but figured I'd use it to  start back up in the poetry challenge today. Even though I'm disappointed my posts have not been too regular I don't want to give up. As I tell my children, when you fall you just have to shake the dust from your pants and keep moving on. So here's today's try at a poem. I'd like to try to edit and revise it at some point but if I waited to do that I probably wouldn't post anything today! So here it is. :

Every moment unfolds
 the death and resurrection of Spirit.
We need look no further
to find Heaven
Then in This
Falcon swoops across the trail,
Spreading wings open wide
swallowing the Kosmos in her simple embrace,
tiny hairs on feathers ruffled by eternity's breath.
Water drops like transluscent pearls down the jagged walls
of cliffs, dissolving in oneness with Earth so yielding.
I long to lay down
and merge as one with ground and sky
Where reality blossoms revealing
love transcendent.
Where joy springs up as light.
Where buddhas are born.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them! Please leave them in the comments section!
(And yes...I really did see a falcon this morning! She was beautiful!)


  1. This is beautiful, Jessica! I don't think you need to change one thing, but, of course, that's your call. :)
    And, Heaven is in every moment when we know how to look for it.
    Blessings, my friend!

  2. I would leave it as is. Sounds good to me. I went on a lovely journey reading it. I wish you had snapped a pic of that falcon. They are gorgeous. Cheers!


    1. Thank you Tameka...I'm glad you enjoyed it! Falcons are beautiful birds! If I had been walking rather than jogging I probably would have had my camera with me. We see them every now and then...next time I'll try to snap a pic to share!

    2. Yay! Please do! We don't see them here very often. :-)

  3. Hello.
    Sounds like you had quite an eventful run. I read the poem twice and can see nothing wrong with it. It has good flow. My opinion would be to leave it as it is. Wish you could have snapped the falcon...would have been a great accompaniment to the poem. Nicely done all the same! Thanks for sharing.

    Day 11/12: Kiss Of Faithfulness

    1. Andy, Thanks for stopping by.I have taken two pictures of falcons recently. I'll have to see if I can dig one out to use in this post! You're right, that would have made a great image.

  4. Heaven is truly in this very moment if we have God with us. Blessings! ;)

  5. A strong message here...loved it. Even if it is for a moment...yes, Buddha's are born.

  6. I feel as though I have walked that journey with you ☺ An extremely powerful message you have delivered in your words. Great post!

  7. Jessica, your poem lifted me up and carried me away. I would let it be...beautiful <3

  8. Are you familiar with the Falcon symbolic meaning? Spirit, light, freedom and aspiration... which I find very appropriate for describing the feelings I had after reading your poem. Beautiful! Fabulous works Jessica... I personally would not change a thing.

  9. So beautiful. I love the image of the water becoming one with the earth. Great comeback poem! <3

  10. I am so glad that I found you through sweepyjean! Your witnessing resonates with me as if we were in the same Meeting! (And I see we share a facebook friend.) I loved the intro to this poem as it voiced my own thoughts, but it led me to expect an "under-baked" poem! But NO! You have a gift. Thank you.

    "Where reality blossoms revealing
    love transcendent.
    Where joy springs up as light.
    Where buddha's are born."

  11. Was the other one the more polished poem? I think this one came out just as good :)

    While reading this, I just wanted to sit back, relax and enjoy that radiant light on my face.


  12. You must live in paradise! What a beautiful poem. My favorite is "tiny hairs on feathers ruffled by eternity's breath". What a lovely image.