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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Advent Quote of the Day: Thomas Merton

"Advent is the "sacrament" of the PRESENCE of God in His world, in the Mystery of Christ at work in History...
     This mystery is the revelation of God Himself in His Incarnate Son. But it is not merely a manifestation of the Divine Perfections, it is the concrete plan of God for the salvation of men and the restoration of the whole world in Christ.
     This plan is envisaged not as a future prospect but as a present fact. The "last things" are already present and realized in a hidden manner. The Kingdrom of God is thus already "in the midst of us." But, the mystery can only be known by those who enter into it, who find their place in the Mystical Christ, and therefore find the mystery of Christ realized and fulfilled in themselves."        
            ~ Thomas Merton, Seasons of Celebration

Heavenly Father,

May you quiet our souls during this time and open our hearts to encounter the light within us that is your Spirit. Your Kingdom is already here on earth, living in each and every one of us who has Christ as Savior. May we open up to the light within, may your Peace be felt in our everyday moments as your presence unfolds itself within us. May we experience you in new and deeper ways never ceasing to give praise  honor and glory to our loving Father, risen Savior and your Spirit which whispers truth to our souls.

In Jesus' name,


  1. May we experience anew His presence. May His kingdom rule and reign in our hearts this season, and always. And yes, may we open up to the light!