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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christ's Twofold Coming: Quote by Passchasius Radbertus

Heavenly Father,

Prepare our hearts on this sabbath day as we come together in corporate worship to praise you and to lift your name above all others, declaring your supreme sovereignty in our lives. May you continually stir our consciences, day by day, minute by minute-may we feel your presence and be in continual union with you. Work in our hearts, God, to conform them more to your Will and less to the world. Wash us and renew us with your Spirit Lord. We seek strength and comfort in you so that we may be blessed with the tools in which we can serve you more, and your children on earth, bringing glory to your immeasurable name.

Please forgive us our sins and make straight our paths. For those of us that have strayed, we pray in earnest that you guide us back to sure footing and make clear in our minds and hearts the direction you have for us.Help us cast the light of the Spirit that is within us into the darkness of this fallen world, so that your truth-of your great mercy and compassion, might be magnified.

We give you all praise, honor and glory.

In Jesus' name,
"The apostles took every care not to be drawn from the right path. They kept watch, observing the universal precepts their master had given to his disciples as to be ready when he came again. Consequently we must always be on the lookout for Christ's twofold coming, the one when he comes day after day to stir our consciences, and the other when we shall have to give an account of everything we have done. He comes to us now in order that his future coming may find us prepared."
    ~ Passchasius Radbertus, 9th century Benedictine monk


  1. Hi , Jessica , its very impotant the crieter this blogs for proclam the name of Jesus at the wourld, our work not be vain

    sorry my english .. :)
    God Bless

  2. Amen :)...God bless you too! No problem about your english..thank you so much for your comment.