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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Word as a Tree of Life

"The Word of God is a tree of life that offers us blessed fruit from each of its branches. It is like that rock which was struck open in the wilderness, from which all were offered spiritual drink. Be glad then that you are overwhelmed, and do not be saddened because he has overcome you. A thirsty person is happy when drinking, and not depressed, because the spring is inexhaustible. You can satisfy your thirst without exhausting the spring; then when you thirst again, you can drink from it once more."
           ~ Ephrem the Syrian

May we all find much fruit today while reading through the Scriptures and feasting upon the spiritual manna God provides for our souls. May God bless us with insight, knowledge and His Spirit, so that we might be encouraged and given strength and direction to bring His light and love to those in our families and community that thirst after it.

~Many blessings

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