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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Freedom in Hope: Thomas Merton

"We are not perfectly free until we live in pure hope. For when our hope is pure, it no longer trusts exclusively in human and visible means, nor rests in any visible end. He who hopes in God trusts God, Whom he never sees, to bring him to the possession of things that are beyond imagination."
                                                ~ Thomas Merton

Heavenly Father,

May we be children that live free in You. That find unrestrained hope and joy in Your presence and in Your promises. With each passing day may we learn to walk trusting less in our own wisdom and more in yours. And through our childlike trust may you reveal to our hearts truths and experiences our minds would never have imagined.

 May we walk with light hearts, our souls pregnant with peace and comfort and may we share all the beautiful spiritual and material blessings you give us with others. May the whole world see the light that is You in us and may it rejoice in the pure hope that only you offer.

We love you, we praise you and give you all glory and honor.

In Jesus' name,


  1. You were up early Jessica... Great quote from Merton. I sounds like you and eye were on the same page this morning (see my 1st FB post)...

    "Christ in you the hope of glory." (Col. 1:27)

    "When Christ, who is our life, is revealed, they you also will be revealed with Him in glory."

  2. Yes, my two year old son woke up earlier than the roosters this morning! Isn't it beautiful when the hearts of God's children are in harmony? Thank you for sharing that verse...it's beautiful. May we all bring glory to God!
    ~blessings and peace

  3. BTW, that last quote was Col. 3:4 (verses 1-3 are great also... need to do more of that)

  4. Thank you Jessica ! I prayed that prayer! Jesus is soooo good! May you and yours enjoy the blessings of our Lord everyday! Keep up the good posts and "be not weary in well doing for you know you have your reward!

  5. Thank you Ed. I'm so glad that the prayer had meaning for you :) May you and yours be blessed also. Thank you for the reminder-may we all, in carrying out God's will, be blessed with encouragement and energy to do so.
    ~many blessings

  6. I love the Merton quote and I prayed the prayer too. thanks so much for posting this. It really struck me as something I needed to hear and will ponder for while.

  7. Thank you Rosa, so glad you enjoyed the prayer :)
    Thank you Alida...Thomas Merton seems filled with so many beautiful insights into God's truth and character...I wish I could quote more of him! So glad you liked the passage and the prayer.

    ~many blessings in Christ

  8. Love the post... As I feel the hope. Yet, it is you who is the hope for all mankind. Love everyone as they are your only child and hope everyone else can see in you the hope in a better world.

    I am me and within me their is a God.