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Monday, December 20, 2010

Did Jesus Die for This? (book review)

Religous satirist Becky Garrison's new book, Did Jesus Die for This?, highlights her global pilgrimage seeking the risen Christ in a world where the authenticity of Christianity oftentimes gets drowned in distractions and consumer-oriented, tourist geared religiosity. Of the many forums Garrison explored, the majority were a collection of holy sites as well as churches and religious communities around the world. Garrison also gives personal accounts of her family history and experiences that led her to look more deeply about the factors that play a role in the perspective people have towards and means at which people apply Christianity to their lives. 

Garrison explores how the genuine message of Jesus is oftentimes all too absent in places where one would expect it the most and sometimes unexpectedly present in the most unlikely of places. From her voyage to Jerusalem, where she passed by refugee camps in the West bank that were off-limits and was "chilled to the core at the sight of children of God confined by man-made walls of war.", to inside churches that are far from the usual appearance one might envision when conjuring up images of a church sanctuary, Garrison questions and searches for the essence of Christ among modern day Christianity.

The book is an enjoyable read, flows well and is written with a witty and charming style. It provides a lot with the reader to contemplate on and question when the last page is turned. A book such as this is worth recommending to a friend and always worth reading at least twice!


  1. I enjoyed reading this. I will be back to read more. Greater is HE that is in thee. Than he that is in the world!

  2. Amen! :) Thank you so much for your comment. ~abundant blessings in Christ

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  4. Thanks for engaging with the book - appreciate it. Becky G.