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Monday, October 18, 2010

Be Sure to Check out the new Brother Lawrence Quote Page

Hi Everyone,

Brother Lawrence

I've been slowly adding pages of quotes from particular individuals that have really inspired me while on my walk to understanding and knowing God more. Brother Lawrence and his book The Practice of the Presence of God  has helped me immensely in giving me direction/insight/inspiration in seeking God in the present moment throughout the day.

I added a page of quotes I found particularly striking on a new page entitled "Brother Lawrence Quotes" and would encourage you to check them out! I would also encourage you to read the book! When I was first given it by a friend to borrow and noticed the size of it (it is rather small compared to the books I usually read) I thought for sure I'd be done with it in an afternoon! I couldn't have been more wrong! Each page is filled with tremendous insights and truths, each truth alone deserving contemplation and reflection. If you want to grow deeper in God and experience Him more fully, I would definitey suggest this book. I actually really miss having it in my possession, after having given it back and am going to go buy it. This is a book you will want to own!

So, please consider reading some of the quotes on his page of quotes and if you feel compelled to share, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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