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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Verse of the Day: Romans 12:12 w/commentary

Romans 12:12

Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

Life is full of obstacles, hardships, heartbreaks and struggles. I have laid awake myself many a night wondering what the next day will bring. But the Bible tells us not to be anxious, to not worry about tomorrow. Our trials will never cease but we don't have to let them claim our hope and sense of peace. Not when we have a most amazing God that is always there ready to comfort us in our afflictions as long as we come with humble adoration  before Him, knowing He is the source of our strength and that we can do all things through Him.

What are your thoughts towards prayer? I used to struggle with the concept of prayer because I think there's a big misconception towards it and there was a time that I bought into that misconception myself. Many times we think that if we pray God will act on our prayers immediately, or in time (ever hear of the the whole ( He'll answer yes, maybe, or not now?) and that that alone is the point of prayer. We pray (the means) and God answers (the ends). But is it?

Eventually I'll write a post on this subject and it is certainly a multi-layered topic deserving of more time than I have now, and this is just a little commentary on the verse of the day but I can say this: I've learned to come before God, seeking Him with all my heart, finding joy and peace in His presence and I've learned that perhaps loving God is both the means and the ends. Perhaps dwelling richly in His presence and in His word gives us all the insight, nourishment and strength we need to get through the obstacles of our lives. God knows our hearts, He knows our needs...perhaps we just need to know Him better and when we do the decisions of life that get in the way of our sense of peace and form a wedge between ourselves and progress will dissipate as all our illusions and attachments pass away and truth, like a beacon, begins to guide us.

Any thoughts?


  1. Though I'm Muslim, I can see clearly that our faiths DON'T differ too much. It's not "perhaps", but "certainly" loving God is both the means and the end.


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  3. oops I don't know how that post got removed, I was trying to edit something else on this site!...
    Thank you for your comment :) The bible tells us God is love. So for sure, you could turn that "perhaps" into "certainty" because the reality and goal of all things is really love when it comes down to it.
    ~many blessings :)